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Maureen L. Davis Ministries, Inc.

Dr. Maureen L. Davis, President of Maureen L. Davis Ministries (MLDM) serves as a visionary mentor teaching and training Christian leaders to effectively and passionately lead their churches and congregations in fulfilling its divine destiny. The focus is on training "the 21st century Christian leader" to be effective in winning souls to Christ and building strong ministries that will impact and cause positive change in our world's current culture.


MLDM is dedicated to helping pastors, Christian leaders, ministry leaders and churches to maximize their efforts in developing and building their ministries/churches. MLDM's curriculum encompasses a variety of ministry topics which range from training leaders in the administrative functions involved in the day to day operations of managing and growing a ministry/church; establishing a faith-based organization; to developing spiritual training, counseling programs and preaching and teaching skills that will make them effective in the communities they serve.


Her Vision

The vision of Maureen L. Davis Ministries is to establish a Christian Leadership Institute that will develop Christian leaders to spiritual maturity through seminars, conferences, forums and workshops.



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