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Our Future Home

DESTINY CITY, In 2008 Open Door Mission True Light Church aquired 9 acres of land with plans to build a Multi-Ministry which will include a 21st Century State of the Art Worship Facility. This facility will house a 1700 seat Sanctuary, an Administrative Wing, a Fellowship & Banquet Hall, Sunday School Wing, and the James Ballard Memorial Cultural Arts Center.



The Family Life Center currently provides programs and services that are delivered under the auspices of Outreach to Youth. They include a free summer youth camp, a year-long youth program operating semi-monthly and after-school tutoring program. These program components offer field trips, cultural activities (arts, music, dance, etc.) abstinence, mentoring and tutoring.

Family Life Center

DOOR TO DESTINY FAMILY LIFE CENTER COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION, a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation established in 2005. The corporation legally formalizes and separates the operation of community-based services and programs provided by the Open Door Mission True Light Church for over 40 years.


Our mission is to eliminate those social ills that destroy families and communities such as poverty, unemployment, homelessness, illiteracy and substance abuse. Doors to Destiny Family Life Center develops programs and services that foster the ethical, social and intellectual development of children while nurturing their capacity to think skillfully and critically. While focusing on the development of children, parents, other adults and seniors are also included in the target service demographic of our organization.

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